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    Anime - Ocidental Japanese?

    Anyone here can explain me why the Anime comes from Japan, but the characters has an ocidental format/style? Today asked me that but i couldn't answer xD Regards
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    Dvds Fullmetal Alchemist

    Just in vols 11 and 12 on R2? What'ts their name? "Text Eleven" and "Text Twelve"?
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    Dvds Fullmetal Alchemist

    First of all i don't know if i'm posting this on the right place, if not please move it. Now my doubt: I recently bought 4 dvd's of the series Fullmetal Alchemist. This ones: Vol1: ... 257&sr=1-9 Vol2:
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    Images on My Website

    I see. Thanks for everything :D
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    Images on My Website

    So i can put any image even if they are from dvds i bought or not since i put something like this "this images belong to ...." ?
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    Images on My Website

    Hello! I'm sarting an Anime website and there's a doubt i want to clear out to made things by the legal way. I want to post some articles with images from anime episodes. Some of them i have the dvd's. I can post the images from my dvd's and don't have to reference any company or i...
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    Anime That is Cut in the UK: The Definitive Thread

    The Movies of Naruto on have the same dub as naruto unleahed right? Or is it the viz media dub? Best regards
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    Anime That is Cut in the UK: The Definitive Thread

    i guess you're right xD thanks
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    Anime That is Cut in the UK: The Definitive Thread

    Just to confirm, Romeo X Juliet, this one: ... 478&sr=1-1 is it totally uncut? regards
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    Your viewing journal

    Persona 4 The Animation Episode 1
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    New Guy in the City

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    Keo's introduction

    Welcome Keo!
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    Blue Exorcist Movie Announced

    Great news :D
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    Site problems

    I see. Thanks for the explanation.
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    Site problems

    Hi! Is there a problem with the signatures on the fórum? I can't see mine neither the ones of the other users.
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    Naurto Ultimate Ninja STORM Generations

    On my list to buy :P
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Psyren Vol 1.
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    God of War 3 Awesome! 1000 times better than the previous ones :P
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    Anime That is Cut in the UK: The Definitive Thread

    Nice topic. Will you update the main post as soon as there are new uncuts? This is very useful, i always wonder if some anime is cut in UK and now i can see the answer here :P
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    Devil May Cry and Claymore Uk

    Thank you for the answers.