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    Anime - Ocidental Japanese?

    Anyone here can explain me why the Anime comes from Japan, but the characters has an ocidental format/style? Today asked me that but i couldn't answer xD Regards
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    Dvds Fullmetal Alchemist

    First of all i don't know if i'm posting this on the right place, if not please move it. Now my doubt: I recently bought 4 dvd's of the series Fullmetal Alchemist. This ones: Vol1: ... 257&sr=1-9 Vol2:
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    Images on My Website

    Hello! I'm sarting an Anime website and there's a doubt i want to clear out to made things by the legal way. I want to post some articles with images from anime episodes. Some of them i have the dvd's. I can post the images from my dvd's and don't have to reference any company or i...
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    Devil May Cry and Claymore Uk

    Hello everyone! I hope i'm posting this topic on the right section. Can anyone tell me if the Devil May Cry (Anime) released on UK by Manga Entertainment is uncut just like the one in the USA (Funimation) or we have some cuts on the uk version? Thank you
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    Bleach UK and US and Code Geass

    Hi everyone, i would like to know something, The bleach box sets released in UK which are Region 2 are exactly the same as the US Region 1 Bleach Uncut Box Sets? its some secondes censored in the Region 2 dvds or they are 100% uncut too? And about Code Geass? i hear that the UK Code...