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  1. Peachy

    Announced (& not yet scheduled) Releases

    Thank you to @Denny Fisher for the suggestion. An extension of our Release Schedule . Feel free to post any announcements and/or missing title's or errors. Anime Limited Anonymous Noise B: The Beginning Bartender Birthday Wonderland Calamity of the Zombie Girl Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie 2...
  2. Peachy

    Subtitling preferences (not a sub versus dub thread)

    Bleh, that bold part is nasty. I see no issue with the subs here, like others have said it must be because it's different to what the customers used to, which can be understandably irritating but still... so rude.
  3. Peachy

    MCM London Weekend Licensing/News Thread

    Just a place where we can put all the new juicy licenses. I'll update this main post with everything eventually. Anime Industry Panel Q&A written out by NormanicGrav on Page 3 - Lots of interesting bits and bobs there! MangaUK The Princess and the Pilot - Subtitle only. Released before end...
  4. Peachy

    Birmingham MCM Expo news

    - First announcement of the day: One Piece - Strong World. This tenth One Piece movie will be released on June 30th on DVD and Blu-Ray. - The first nine One Piece films will also be coming to the UK on DVD. The eighth One Piece movie will be dubbed, all other films will be subtitle-only. - Ghost...
  5. Peachy

    Haruhi Suzumiya/SAO Manga Advice

    Hey guys. Sorry if there's a better thread for this somewhere? (If not, maybe we could put up a Manga advice thread or something like that?) Basically, I would like to start reading the Haruhi Suzumiya & related Spin Off's Manga/LN but I've done a little searching and there's a ton ..all under...
  6. Peachy

    Anime Limited License Space Dandy

    Sorry Andrew! You know what us Anime fans are like, discovering things earlier than we should haha :3 - ... Dandy.html EDIT: Official announcement:
  7. Peachy

    MCM October 2013 Licenses & Discussion Thread

    Hey all! Thought I'd make a thread about all the upcoming news. I'll update as information becomes available :) MANGA ENTERTAINMENT Licenses Dragon Ball GT - (This will be released across two box sets, coming in January and March) Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower (This will be released in...
  8. Peachy

    Manchester Expo Licenses & News

    MANGA: We've licensed the series "Karneval". (Format+release date: TBC.) We can confirm we'll be releasing "Fairy Tail - The Movie" in the UK in 2014 We can confirm we'll be releasing "Sengoku Basara - The Last Party" in the UK. More details will be forthcoming "Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood...
  9. Peachy

    MVM to release FLCL on Blu Ray ..

    ..In October! ... 7043913926
  10. Peachy

    Attack on Titan, Tiger & Bunny: The beginning + more licensed at MCM comiccon

    Expo License Thread (Updated) Okay, so ..hope this is alright? Getting everything from @ukanime as per usual. Andrew from Anime Limited couldn't make it so his new announcement remains a mystery.. MANGA ENTERTAINMENT Attack on Titan's anime adaptation is coming from Manga Entertainment...
  11. Peachy

    Perfect Blue to be released on Blu Ray

    I was going to post this in the news thread but I think it deserves its own thread So.. I was searching around Amazon ANNNDDD, I found this from Anime Ltd : ... =anime+ltd They also have some more pre-orders up:
  12. Peachy

    MVM license Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari (DVD/Blu Ray)

    Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari coming on DVD and Blu Ray from MVM in September. Oh yes - :D :D :D
  13. Peachy

    Anime Limited announces (again)

    Anime Limited license Early Shinkai Anime "Pleased to announce (and confirm for those at the GYFF) that we have licensed Makoto Shinkai's earlier works - The Place Promised to Us in our Early Days and Voices of a Distant Star." "Blu-ray confirmed and we'll have more details soon including a...
  14. Peachy

    Plymouth Expo

    Hey! I never saw this posted here but on Sunday the 9th of December, there was an Anime/Comic convention down here ..It did pretty well (better then the one in Exeter according to those attending) so its expected back next year. Just thought i'd inform everyone just incase they didn't know...
  15. Peachy

    Anime Limited Is ..

    "A new UK anime distribution company is preparing to launch next year, releasing anime on home, cinema and digital formats" - INTERVIEW EXPLAINING HERE - ... me-limited Thoughts? I'm excited...he says he has two signed deals already, what do you think...
  16. Peachy

    Possible Lucky Star Season 2 Announcement

    - Credit to - ... owning_in/ ...Urgghhh! On top of TWGOK Season 3 announcement & this...such an awesome past few days. Edit: Looking through, it sounds like a big teaser rather then an announcement...
  17. Peachy

    Expo Licenses & News

    MVM: Rosario & Vampire - September release October: Rosario & Vampire Season 2. November will see Mayo Chiki released. Bodacious Space Pirates licensed by MVM for release next year. Dream Eater Merry and Risen Maiden Overture (I think they must mean Rozen Maiden) coming from MVM next...
  18. Peachy

    MangaUK license announcements ...

    PLUS! Squid Girl The World God Only Knows Princess Resurrection Chaos Head (confirmed via Twitter by MangaUK) - The FMA Movies shall be coming as a Blu-Ray/DVD double pack - 29th October is the current release date for part two of Blue Exorcist. - Blue Exorcist and Baka and Test will...
  19. Peachy

    Looking for some DVD's ..

    Hey! Thought I'd give this a shot! Got nothing to loose, right? ;) Okay so, I'm looking for the following: Inuyasha Series & Movies [All seasons bar the first as i have the DVD that was released over here.] Ranma 1/2 Seasons 6 & 7 & Movies Any Tenchi Muyo other then the Tenchi Forever...
  20. Peachy


    Umm Hi! I'm really bad at these so i'll start off by saying my names Dannielle [or Danni ..whatever you prefer] ...I'm from Plymouth/Cornwall, i'm 22 & shock horror, i love anime :O Been watching anime for years but only really the stuff that got released over here, but in the last 12 months...