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  1. WMD

    Simulwatch - Gunsmith Cats/Riding Bean/Bubblegum Crisis/Crash/AD Police/Parasite Dolls [all complete]

    As theres been interest I've made this thread to organise and discuss the Gunsmith Cats Simulwatch. I've included BGC in the title as we can roll straight into it afterwards or at least also organise a timetable for both here (even if we end up using a new thread for the BGC discussion)...
  2. WMD

    Rwby announcement for MCM London

    MCM have announced the four main voice actresses as guests for Oct Comic Con.
  3. WMD

    Avenue Q UK tour

    Last night I saw the musical Avenue Q in reading. It is so funny. You can totally tell how it inspired Team America and The Book of Mormon. It's essentially adult social satire with Muppets, sesame street references swearing and sex. Never quite as extreme as a Trey Parker and Matt Stone...
  4. WMD

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone I'm Will, in my 30s, been watching anime since uni days. My anime collection is pretty ludicrous these days. Started out with Ghost in the Shell and for a while only watched 'dark sci fi' before FMP fumoffu showed me the delights of insane comedy! These days I'll watch pretty much...