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    Somali and the Forest Spirit ep 12 (complete) Emotional ending. A lovely show about someone/thing learning to be a father figure and all that comes with it. Bit of a mixed feeling with the ending with it , probably due to the manga still being ongoing. Hopefully there will be a second season. If...
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    pet eps 9-12 I thought I was finishing this off, but there's one more episode left. Now it's closer to the end things are coming together a bit now after getting a bit confusing in the middle. BOFURI ep 12 (complete) The 4th event is wrapped up. A fun show with an a-dork-ablely OP MC and some...
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    Chihayafuru s3 e24 (complete) Like waves breaking apart and coming together. Excellent season with amazingly tense moments in the karata parts and big moments in the relationship between the main three characters. I think there maybe an element of bias, after all we've gotten to know the...
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    Darwin's Game ep 11 (complete) Excellent final episode that wraps up the events nicely and sets up what's to come. Hopefully there will be a second season. A fun battle royale show that's also, due to how the game is set up, a superhero slugfest. Quite ridiculous if you think about it too much...
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    What did you BUY today?

    Never Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki from AL using the code: VIRTUALEVENTMAR20 for 10% off.
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    Relationships and Romance

    How is she? I noticed she deleted her account, so thought the worst. I didn't want to ask you that though, obviously, just in case! But seems all good still 👍
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    Cells at Work season 2 due Winter 2021 PV
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    What Music are you listening to? Discussions Welcome!

    Someone posted this in Facebook: Currently listening to a station called Wave Anime Radio in Tokyo!
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    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    MVM deal of the week. TENCHI MUYO OVA COLLECTION DVD £9.99, BLU-RAY £14.99 & COMBI £19.99:
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    NekoparA ep 11 Sleepover. Interspecies Reviewers ep 9 Dead sexy. BOFURI ep 11 Another epic showdown! Hatena☆Illusion ep 10 Putting the plan into action. Somali and the Forest Spirit ep 11 Prejudice. So many ! Budoukan ep 11 Striving to be better.
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    The Gaming News Thread (for news that doesn't need a thread)

    PS5 news coming at 4 o'clock:
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    I'm still on Skyrim. Got to the 100 hour mark and still haven't kicked off the main quest!
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Tokyo Ghoul chs 54-58 (end of vol 6) Meet the Aogiris. Can't be too far off the end of the first season of the anime.
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    Chihayafuru s3 e23 Another doozy of an episode. ID:INVADED ep 12 Inside the machine!
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    BEASTARS (dub) eps 10-12 (complete) An interesting twist on the high school rom-drama with interesting characters, but it did leave a few things dangling including the thing it's named after, seemingly for a second season. The title of Beastar was name checked a few times, but what it actually...
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    Kaguya-sama: Love is War (re-watch) eps 10-12 (complete) Reconciliation, summer break and fireworks. Still an excellent show, can't wait for season 2. After seeing Aoi Koga win the r/anime award for Best Female VA for Kaguya I was paying particular attention to the performance. Kaguya goes...
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    All 10 volumes of Mushishi* on Bookwalker using the promo code stpat50 for 50% off! So they cost me just over £40! As it was my first purchase I also got 50% of my payment back in coins, nearly ¥2,500! *Affiliate link
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    Nothing more to add! BEASTARS (dub) eps 1-6 Some of this is fascinating with great performances both in the cinematography and VAs which made me keep going (3-4 eps is my normal binge length), but I'm not quite sure what the actual story is. It just seems to be a darker take on the SOL "High...
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    The General Conversation Area

    Some shops and chemists are the only thing open in Italy, so I really don't get it. The last week at work had been like Christmas, but worse because we don't have a massive stockpile of stuff people are buying as you would have planned for at Christmas, so loads of customers are getting stuff...