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  1. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Merry Christmas to all.....and to all a good night!!!

    Merry Christmas to all.....and to all a good night!!!
  2. Scrambled Valkyrie

    My humble blog about old anime/manga: Animehead's retroworld

    Hi everyone! I haven't been very active on ANUK lately. If anyone enjoys my content be sure to visit the site and see a few new articles since I last posted here. In the last few months I've posted reviews of Baoh The Visitor, Project A-ko and Laughing Target as well as an update post (since I...
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    Dragon Ball Z is Coming to Blu-ray in the UK with 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set

    I agree you'd be much better sticking off with the Dragon Boxes. They look to be much better quality if the trailer Funimation put out for the US version is representative of the final product. More than likely it is since there's been a lot of people contacting them to ask if it is and their...
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    It's a (plastic) Gundam!!!

    I guess it'll just make the finished product even more sweet!
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    My humble blog about old anime/manga: Animehead's retroworld

    Ah yes I do. Didn't realise you were on here. Thanks again. Cheers, yes it's crazy that I've been blogging 2 years now. Doesn't really feel like it but I guess it's cause I don't post stuff as regularly as I'd like. My last 2 articles have had a lot less time between them than recent ones and...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Currently re-reading the rather wonderful Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi. Never gets old for me. Such a fun series.
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    It's a (plastic) Gundam!!!

    I'm glad. There's so much info on Gundam and general plastic model building online and so many different guides and stuff it can be a bit overwhelming. When I started I struggled to find a concise, easy to follow beginners guide purely about building and not painting. To be honest I still...
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    It's a (plastic) Gundam!!!

    I've posted about this elsewhere but in case anyone else finds it useful here's a link. Last year I wrote an article about starting off building robot models including Gundam (among others) for the companion blog for Retro Mecha Podcast. It has a few tips and observations about coming to the...
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    My humble blog about old anime/manga: Animehead's retroworld

    Haven't shared anything from my blog for a while but here's an article people might be interested in. My own "anime origin story". Had been meaning to write this one for a while and only just got round to it. If you're like me and you find people's tales of how they became an anime fan...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Mortal Kombat 11 and Dark Souls II: Scholar of the first sin on PS4 and Hollow Knight on PC.
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    .....aaaaaaaaaaaand I've shifted mine too from Amazon to speedyhen too. Never ordered from em before but damn! what a price! Thanks Jon. You've just saved me money on another release too. Since Berserk was so cheap I decided to check out what the price on the upcoming translated version of the...
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    General anime thoughts/discussion thread.

    Thanks Neil. I love the franchise and since a lot of people are only familiar with Sins I thought it was worth writing. Not only to encourage people to see all of the different iterations but also to try and fill in a few gaps so that if you don't watch all of them (I realise the 1973 original...
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    I've never read Claymore before but from what I hear it's probably for me. I should probably avoid picking up any new manga though until a few more collections are done :)
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    Battle Angel Alita: Holy Night & Other Stories Review

    Absolutely love this series. I used to collect the previous US editions but ran into trouble finding some of the later volumes of the original series so I never actually read the final story arc until last year. Chuffed to own these and I just picked up the Holy Night collection so I'm excited...
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    After seeing the video I'm going to HAVE to. It's one of my all time favourite manga and I need to experience Mirura's incredible artwork at that size. Nice to see there's a bit more consistency with all the FX there from the beginning and the panels not getting cut off at the edge on some...
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    Such inner conflict is raging within me right now. The edition is beautiful and looks soooo much bigger than I anticipated but where the hell will I keep these? Also I've spent a good portion of my adult life collecting all the regular size single volumes and spent a ton of cash. I feel like the...
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    @Vincentdante The statue looks pretty great too. I hadn't seen that one until you posted the image. It's really nice. I was kind of tempted by one i saw online recently which was Guts and Griffith Vs Nosferatu Zodd. Yeah it seems Mirura's art style is somewhat difficult to capture in a sculpt...
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    Now that my title is "Dandy Guy, in space" can someone arrange it so it never ever...

    Now that my title is "Dandy Guy, in space" can someone arrange it so it never ever changes.......please?
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    Forgive the bad quality (pic taken on an aging phone) but here's the latest addition to my Berserk collection. Medicom's 1/6 scale Black Swordsman Guts. It's incredible. I love how the cape has been made weathered on the bottom and all the extra little details. You can swap his head for an...
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    Post a photo of your entire anime collection!

    The problem with my collection currently is that I have bits and bobs all over the shop. Lots of different smaller shelving units and even some stuff in different rooms. Also got a lot of stuff since I've been collecting for decades. I should gain some decent space over the next few months by...