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  1. Adam-M

    Steins;Gate 0 - Episode 23

    Was the entire point of that ending to set it up for another season or did I miss something? :confused:
  2. Adam-M

    Manchester Graphic Novel Group

    I've been going to this graphic novel book group in Manchester for years now, and I was wondering if anyone fancies it? There's only seven of us these days so we're a small group. At the beginning of the year we all nominate a few books each, everyone votes for whatever they like the sound of...
  3. Adam-M

    Tabletop D&D - Command

    So me and a few mates have been playing tabletop Dungeons & Dragons for the last few weeks. I'm a cleric and I've just gone up to level 2 (cos I'm crap) but I've started looking at the spell "Command". This one ;) It basically lets you command a person (player or npc) and forces them to do...
  4. Adam-M

    Single Volume Manga

    I go to a book club with some friends and the new annual voting for the group booklist is coming up. Can anyone recommend a good stand-alone single volume manga? As opposed to volume 1 of this or volume 1 of that, I'm thinking like an actual book and self contained story or maybe anthology...
  5. Adam-M

    Crunchyroll Foreign Language Stuff

    On Crunchyroll, I wanted to watch Schwarzes Marken in German dub (just because why not really). I only watch crunchy stuff on my PS4 though, and when I try to play any video in a foreign language it tells me that network features are currently unavailable. Has anyone else managed to do this?
  6. Adam-M

    Trip To Japan...

    So me and a few mates are talking about going to Japan next summer. One of them's a teacher so would have to be when the kids are off. We're getting to the point where we want to draw up some kind of rough plan of what things we want to do and what we want to see. You know, like "go to...
  7. Adam-M

    Your Name Soundtrack

    It's my mates birthday coming up and he wanted the Your Name soundtrack (well he wants it but didn't ask for it). Your Name CD Having read stuff on the forum regarding different versions of the soundtrack (correct me if I'm wrong), there's an English and Japanese version? Is the product in the...
  8. Adam-M

    K-On Season 2 BD?

    I got K-On Season One the other week on Blu Ray from Amazon. It's the Australian release as it only got a DVD release over here. I haven't got a region A player and now I'm after Season Two and can't find both parts on BD. Season 2 Collection 1 Season 2 Collection 2 Everywhere I look it's the...
  9. Adam-M

    Importing Music

    I've been listening to The Oral Cigarettes on the interwebs here and there and decided to get an album. Can anyone recommend a good website for ordering music from Japan at a reasonable price? Ta Adam
  10. Adam-M


    Been reading the forums for a bit now and thought I should finally sign up and say hello. So hello.