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    Silver Spoon Volume 12 Review

    It's satisfying to see the intertwining plots and character traits coming together as Silver Spoon continues to impress, thanks to the tight writing and character progression. Continue reading...
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    Saga of Tanya the Evil: The Complete Series Review

    Saga of Tanya the Evil takes its core concepts and utilises them fairly well, making for a violent yet fascinating insight into an alternative world where war reigns supreme and a young child is the unlikely soldier leading on the front line. Continue reading...
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    Tokyo Ghoul: re Part 1 Review

    Tokyo Ghoul: re Part 1 is a solid anime series that adequately adapts its source material but often lacks depth with its expansive cast and sacrifices story elements to fit a 12 episode run. It is arguably the most faithful adaptation the series has seen but at the loss of more stylistic flair...
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    Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 14 Review

    Volume 14 sees the aftermath of the brutal defeat of Kaneki and the subsequent consequence of his violent metamorphosis into the giant and grotesque being known as “dragon” as familiar faces, both human and Ghoul, have to come together to save Tokyo and Kaneki. Continue reading...
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    Saint Young Men Volume 1 Review

    Saint Young Men delivers on its premise thanks to its endearing portrayal of two key religious figures trying to live their everyday lives in modern Japan. Numerous references to Christianity and Buddhism also add to the enjoyment. Continue reading...
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    Silver Spoon Volume 11 Review

    Silver Spoon Volume 11 houses some notable progression for Hachiken’s post-high school career and delivers typically well-timed laughs but also more serious and poignant discussions, all capped off with some great moments for the supporting cast. Continue reading...
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    Record of Grancrest War Volume 2 Review

    Record of Grancrest War Volume 2 presents a satisfying enough finale that continues to develop its characters and world as it provides some great action and decent story beats, building to the final climactic battle that will determine the fates of our heroes and the world they've sacrificed so...
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    Nicola Traveling Around the Demons’ World Volume 1 Review

    Nicola Traveling Around the Demons' World shows us the life of Nicola, a young girl and her demon friend, Simon, as they explore the bizarre and unique world of the demons. It's a simple yet accessible premise which allows readers of any age to get stuck in and enjoy what's on offer. Continue...
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    Record of Grancrest War Volume 1 Review

    The first half of Record of Grancrest War provides enough action and political intrigue to entertain, with a sense that events will be gearing up during the second half. Continue reading...
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    Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade Review

    Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade presents a story of loss and sacrifice with a simple yet moving premise presented effectively thanks to the winning combination of Mamoru Oshii’s writing and Hiroyuki Okiura’s directing. Continue reading...
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    Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 13 Review

    Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 13 presents a near constant on-the-edge read as an inquiry into Furuta’s integrity turns violent and Kaneki takes truly desperate measures to protect the ones he loves. Continue reading...
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    Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Volume 1 Review

    Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles is a series that focuses its efforts on an appreciation of hearty broths and luscious noodles with the characters almost feeling secondary - though there are some nice moments that offer developments for the story. Continue reading...
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    Okko's Inn Review

    Okko’s Inn is an entertaining and often poignant film that deals with its themes maturely but also with a warmth that makes it accessible for a younger audience but deep enough for older viewers to appreciate too. Director Kitarô Kôsaka shows some promise and I look forward to their future...
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    Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 12 Review

    Volume 12 presents a considerable turning point in the overall narrative as Kaneki finally finds true companionship, we get two weddings, and investigators within the CCG begin to see the problems with Furuta’s vicious regime. Continue reading...
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    Overlord III Review

    Overlord III is stronger than the previous season in its approach to exploring its world and showcasing the advancements in Ainz's kingdom-building. Where its flaws lie are in some wonky CGI and a lack of tension in places due to Ainz's level of control. Continue reading...
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    Silver Spoon Volume 10 Manga Review

    Volume 10 is a lot of fun, as is expected for Silver Spoon, and maintains the quality in story and characters established by mangaka Hiromu Arakawa so far. We get some character development for Hachiken and Komaba, get to witness the production and sale of sausages and meet a colourful new...
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    4K Blu Ray collection & Upcoming Releases discussion thread

    Thought I’d create a thread for anyone on here interested in displaying their 4K collection and for the discussion of upcoming releases and pre-orders too! Here’s my collection so far:
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    Sky Hawk Review

    Sky Hawk is a western-themed manga that tells the story of two former samurai, Hikosaburô Soma and Manzô Shiotsu, who in May 1869 crossed to San Francisco on an immigrant ship to seek a new world. The two samurai thought they had left behind the way of Bushido but find themselves embroiled in...
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    Cells at Work episode 4

    Y'know it's kinda fitting how the episode starts off looking at the stomach and how the acids break down food because trying to get the episode to load on Crunchyroll each week gives me a f*cking ulcer.
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    3x3 Thread

    Was bored so I thought I'd create a thread where people can post their favourite anime, films, music etc in the 3x3 template style. I'll start things off with my favourite anime and musicians. Here's a template: On mobile I used an app called BeFunky that did the job though requires images...