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  1. IoW Roy

    Fan TC Con, August Bank Holiday Weekend

    Hi all There's a cosplay and fandom Con being held here on the Isle of Wight over the Bank Holiday weekend in August (24th-25th) in Cowes at the Cowes Enterprise College. Fan TC Con isn't a big corporate con aimed at parting us fans and cosplayers from our hard earned pennies - it's been set...
  2. IoW Roy

    Anime/OVA theme music

    Hi all. I'm going to be doing the audio production for a brand spanking new Con here on the Isle of Wight in August (Fan TC Con - Home). Between guest speakers I intend to play relevant background music that will appeal to the cosplayers, fans and attendees of the event. To that end, I've got...
  3. IoW Roy

    Hi there - please be gentle

    Hi all - I'm Roy from the Isle of Wight!! I was first introduced to Manga and anime by a friend who loaned me his copy of Akira and then Dominion Tank Police Acts 1&2 on VHS. This was the early 1990's and VHS tapes were cutting edge back then. I then found a new monthly magazine called "Manga...