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  1. BlackCondor93

    Henshin Belts and Sakura Cards - My Tokusatsu and Anime Blog

    I recently launched my own blog which mainly focuses on tokusatsu and anime. This is actually my fourth attempt at a blog, after my first 3 attempts didn't go out the way I planned (blogs 1 (blogger) and 2 (wordpress) were named "Henshin Belts and Clow Cards", and blog 3 (also blogger) was named...
  2. BlackCondor93

    Overseas Cheaper Alternatives to AoA BD Releases

    Many people prefer not to spend large amounts on Aniplex of America releases so I decided to make a thread dedicated to Aniplex of America Blu-ray titles that have cheaper Blu-ray releases in the UK and Australia, and also if the cheaper alternative is a good alternative. Here are some rules...
  3. BlackCondor93

    The Tokusatsu Thread

    I couldn't find a thread dedicated to Tokusatsu, so I thought I would make one myself. As the title suggests, this thread is mainly to discuss various tokusatsu series and movies past, present and future. Discussions about overseas adaptations (e.g. Power Rangers) are welcome on this thread...
  4. BlackCondor93

    The UK DVD and BD Locked Subtitles Thread

    Recently, a lot of Anime Blu-ray releases in the UK were given the locked subtitles treatment, probably due to fears of reverse importation, despite the fact that the UK and Japan have different region codes (UK is Region B, Japan is Region A). In most cases, the releases are taken directly from...