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    Ayumi Hamasaki

    Any fans of this lovely lady? 8)
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    The Wii Thread.

    A place for all those blessed with a Wii, to share reviews, previews, gossip about games, latest games you've been playing, tips, cheats, just anything in regards with the Wii. Wii love <3. Currently I'm playing WarioWare: Smooth Moves 8) .
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    Once upon a time in Japan - PC

    [color=brown]Abborado Studios have announced the first entry in their series, Once Upon a Time in Japan: Earth. The series aims to transport players to various periods in Japan’s storied history, giving them a look at the inner struggles of a country bound by tradition and ruled by the warrior...
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    Hallo! Newbie Here ^_^

    Hey all :D .