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  1. KingJimmeh

    Your viewing journal

    Starting last week, so far I've watched: This Hero is Overpowered but Too Cautious - Ep 1 - Very funny, and some brilliant character animation Kemono Michi Rise Up - Ep 1 - Not as good as I was hoping, some decent gags, but will see where it goes After School Dice Club - Ep 1 - As someone just...
  2. KingJimmeh

    SLA 2019 Glasgow line-up

    Got a hotel booked and am planning to come up. Just need to check with work I can get the weekend off and then I'll order the weekend pass.
  3. KingJimmeh

    UK Anime Distributor Funimation UK Discussion Thread

    It still works, just did it now.
  4. KingJimmeh

    The Q & A Thread (for questions that do not need a thread)

    Looks like the site is down. I can't get it on Firefox or Chrome.
  5. KingJimmeh

    UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread

    To see the discount applied, you have to go all the way through to the final screen before confirming your purchase and it only shows the total discount and not the price per item.
  6. KingJimmeh

    UPDATED: Funimation Acquires Manga Entertainment UK

    That's a change in tone from a few years ago XD
  7. KingJimmeh

    Re:Zero Season 2 Anime Finally Announced

    I still don't know if I like Re:Zero. Watching it weekly was an incredibly frustrating experience. I did make it all the way through though.
  8. KingJimmeh

    Popular US voice actor(s) are accused of showering underaged fans with unwanted affection

    No-one has to employ or invite any voice actor, and if there is evidence of enough of them being a creep or handling themselves in a way (that while not illegal) to damaging to their company and rep or could cause harm to other people, then let them go. I'm not saying blackball them completely...
  9. KingJimmeh

    Upcoming UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Artwork

    I would assume the pack designer made the banner that colour to distinguish it from the blue background, and choose pink as it fits the scheme on the logo and is the only (non-white) colour that strongly appears in the design.
  10. KingJimmeh

    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    I'll have that for £12.00.
  11. KingJimmeh

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    I just got home and I have one parcel with Wixoss, A Silent Voice, Sam Flam 2 and Place Promised in our Early Days (which was actually delivered pre-Xmas with the Movie Madness bundle). Also another parcel with 4/5th of one blu-ray mystery bundle, but no other bundle.
  12. KingJimmeh

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    When you're getting such a good deal, and (personally, while disappointing), I don't think it's extremely poor service and I find unfair to kick up such a fuss, especially when it's out of AL's hand. They actually made the effort to improve the delivery compared to previous years but...
  13. KingJimmeh

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    You certainly could have ordered in, I don't know, October or November, if you wanted specific gifts for Xmas rather than chancing something being on sale and Xmas post. Note: I picked months people order Xmas presents.
  14. KingJimmeh

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    There was no guarantee of what was going to be in the sales. What if the shows you bought didn't go on sale? What would you have done? You would be equally out. If you waited until December to see if they went on sale, then what is the absolute urgency?
  15. KingJimmeh

    Legal Streaming 2019: Q1 Winter Season

    Doing a Pop Team Epic and getting it out everywhere.
  16. KingJimmeh

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    Yep, suck it up. **** happens. If it was so important you had all year to order.
  17. KingJimmeh

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    Hopefully will have some parcels when I get home tomorrow then. And as for anyone upset over the delays, you are more than welcome to order at full price any of the other 364 days in the year and get it much sooner. For me, theirs plenty of other anime to watch and the insane deals and...
  18. KingJimmeh

    Watch the First Teaser for CG Anime "Pokémon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back - Evolution"

    Mewtwo looks fine, but it'll more depend on how Ash and the other human characters animate. I still don't get why they put so much effort and money into the Su/Mo anime style and haven't used that in any of the films.
  19. KingJimmeh

    Overseas Upcoming Non-UK Anime BD/DVD Artwork

    Death March was the absolute average Isekai anime. It hits the majority of the tropes (fantasy world that the MC knows from real world, over-powered MC, harems) while being completely lacking in having its own hook. However, dispite some fanservicey stuff, it wasn't stupid or offensive. Its just...
  20. KingJimmeh

    Your viewing journal

    Hanasaku Iroha - 1 to 26 plus Home Sweet Home Movie - Saw this was coming off Crunchyroll, so blitzed through it over the past few days. Really enjoyable cast and setting, plus its the PA Works show, so it looks stunning throughout.