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    My - Hime volume 6 due for release in 2020?..... ... 68&sr=8-10 According to the 6th DVD volume of My-Hime will be launched on the 1st of Janurary 2020. :lol: I know its an error but it still cracked me up as some people will take this seroiusly, so I just thought I would share the lulz.
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    New complete series sets from ADV?

    I'm not sure if this has been talked about before but I couldn't see it anywhere. I've noticed are listing boxsets for: . Chrono Crusade *Stated release date of 15/10/2007* ... oduct.html . Full Metal Panic! *Stated release date of...
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    YuYu Hakusho DVDs?

    Ok I looked around the forum but couldn't find this topic anywhere. What happened to the MVM DVD releases of YuYu Hakusho? They just stopped at volume 5. We also haven't heard anything from Revilation about a re launch. Anybody know whats going on in regards to this?