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    Wanted: Gundam zeta limited edition box set

    Also would be interested in other gundam region 1 collections: mobile suit, zeta, ms 08th, war in the pocket, stardust memory, g gundam. Thanks
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    Wanted: Gundam zeta limited edition box set

    I know it's pretty hard to come by & not likely that someone will have it but if so I'm looking for the gundam zeta 10 disc limited edition boxset at a fairly decent price. Can anyone help?
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    Anime Limited Announce First Release: Cowboy Bebop DVD & Blu-Ray

    Re: Anime Limited Announce First Release: Cowboy Bebop DVD & My biggest hope is that they bring some new gundam series to the market, even if it's some of the oldr series that never got a uk release. At this point I'd buy subtitled versions of turn a, victory & x. I guess that would be too...
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    Re: KODANSHA COMICS ANNOUNCES NEW TITLES AT NEW YORK COMIC C Excellent, can't wait to get my hands on the first Vinland saga. I think the only other manga left that I still want licensing is zetman.
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    Anime On-Line Statement on Credit/Debit Card Fraud

    Wow, I'm hearing the exact same stories as myself. Last weekend, my card was frozen due to someone trying to order jewellery of the amount of about £2500 & also an O2 pay as you go transaction. Never happened before and I don't think it's coincidence. Crazy stuff, it shook up my wife as we have...
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    What are you listening to Now thread.

    Currently listening to a lot of the old def jux stuff. Cannibal ox Aesop rock El-p Company flow To keep it el-p related, also the new-ish Killer Mile album.
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    Attack on Titan

    Just had my volume 2 preorder sent. Looking forward to this.
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    I still like Anime, but...

    I get this, I'd say one of my biggest problems & something my mrs gets utterly annoyed with is that I keep getting new 'obcessions' as she calls it. One minute I put all my resources and time into anime then manga then comics then music, etc. It's how I've always been. I haven't watched a lot...
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    Malaysian DVDs

    Sorry in advance to the mods if this is a touchy subject. I'm not trying to peddle these DVDs. Just asking any of you guys if you've tried out those Malaysian DVDs that you see on eBay. I'm very tempted to try these since with some series, this is the only way they're ever likely to be...
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    Survey on Manga!

    Just done mine too.
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    Really would hope this does well. It was always a title I wanted to get licensed & it's great that it has been picked up. I know some manga fans that I have spoke to have been put off by the strange artwork but the main thing is that we have a good story with this series. I recommend it...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    I am currently reading The hour of the mice & Eternal sabbath.
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    Attack on Titan

    I hope it does well enough for them to keep releasing it since along with manga like Eden, it's the sort of manga I enjoy. I'd say it's the type of manga that the older audience would appreciate more. I hope it doesnt end up the same path as Eden, which is being released pretty much one...
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    Attack on Titan

    Hey peeps, don't come on that often but thought I'd mention a really good manga that's being released this week through kodansha. I'm sure most have heard of attack on Titan due to the movie but it's definitely worth checking out. I received my copy of the first volume last week. I think it's...
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    Psychic Wars and Vampire wars

    Yeah, no relation to each other. They are actually both ok for what they are. I enjoyed them in a simple sort of way.
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    Manga UK Streams Roujin Z Trailer

    Great! With this being released, I'd love to see another classic, wings of honneamise, being released. I miss those sci-fi channel days.
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    Christmas gifts.

    Anime: Requiem from the darkness complete Eden of the east: movie 1 Manga: Pluto vol 1-8 Ooku vol 1 Tanpenshu vol 1-2 I've also preordered code geass r2 complete & also vagabond vizbig vol 6. I have £20 which I'll probably spend on something anime/manga related.
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    MVM have two new licenses, and they are...

    I'm hoping it will be Rainbow. The under-rated series about a group of juveniles in prison. Or maybe steins gate? Or does someone else already own the rights to that series?
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    New Manga Book Releases for 25th October 2011

    'No longer human' is the only one I ordered. Already received it and I gotta say that it looks pretty good. Thank goodness there are some decent seinen titles out there that are still being released.
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    UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread

    I know this may get bogged down with license requests but it'd be nice to get some sort of answer on the following: MVM tends to go for the slightly more adult orientated anime series, so is there any interest in licensing Monster (which I know is Viz exclusive in the US, so I'm not sure...