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    Vic Mignogna to attend Eirtakon 08 in Dublin

    Well Eirtakon 07 MK II was on in Dublin this weekend, the con was a huge sucess with almost a doubling of attendance (from 240 last time to nearly 420 this time) and a huge cosplay contingent but the biggest news came at the closing ceremony when we announced that Vic Mignogna would be next...
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    New Beez boxsets

    Just spotted these on Wolf's Rain 1 Wolf's Rain 2 Hack//Legend Of The Twilight .Hack//Sign Looks like they're going all out with their boxsets, some good pirces there too
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    A milestone reached

    Well i just noticed that the fourm has 999 topics so it was suggested in the IRC channel that i should post the 1000th to point out that the forum has reached this milestone. Congrats to the staff for providing the forum so good that it reached it so quickly adn heres to the next 1000 :D
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    Hi all

    Well i've been posting all day so I should probably introduce myself so here goes, I'm Stephen/Hybridchild most people just call me hybrid though, I'm from Dublin which you might have guessed, I'm 22 and I've been an anime fan since i used to watch Robotech and such on Super Channel (anyone...