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  1. Tachi

    The Fitness Thread... Do you even lift?

    Hello all, After having a discussion about this topic in the chat and due to the responses given i've decided i may aswell post this thread out there for those who may find it interesting or of use. The general view of an Otaku is a anime loving basement dweller who's only exercises are...
  2. Tachi

    Minecraft Server

    Hello all, I've created a Minecraft Server on my laptop and have started to create a few things on it, apart from building things at the spawn location and setting up command blocks for various reasons (for the server to greet players and so forth) but basically the server is vanilla. I do...
  3. Tachi

    Whats your biggest bug-bear?

    For me its people eating with their mouth open or talking with their mouth full of food, it's been a big bug-bear of mine since a young age - i can't believe some people can be so disgusting as to do either of them, i don't want to hear or see what you're eating you kretin! What's the main...
  4. Tachi

    Operation: Black March

    I will be taking part in this, i don't think it is right that the U.S.A believes they can monopolise the planet and decide to implement punishment for breaching laws that haven't been passed, import those who do not live in the USA but try to charge them under US laws and censor the internet...
  5. Tachi

    Whats your favourite Pokemon?

    Just abit of fun, i've been playing Diamond, fire red and leaf green alot recently and after having a look around the interwebs to find out if i can get gen 1 pokemon in Diamond (which i can, thank god) I began to ponder; What is your favourite pokemon out of the hundreds available? My...
  6. Tachi

    Live Action films are all rubbish? Objection!!

    Live action Pheonix Wright This could potentially be a good film, though i see one main problem - when they cast the actors they should have shaved the judges head bald and the german guy is a japanese guy in the live action?! Continuity people, its not much to ask! What's your views?
  7. Tachi

    Most Expensive month of the year for gamers

    So with all of the big selling games out this month, what have/will you be buying? So far i've got MW3 and looking forward to Assassins Creed Revelations, should be getting Uncharted 3 and battlefield 3 soon! With Skyrim around the corner (11.11.11) i know alot of gamers are holding their...
  8. Tachi

    Would you live in a house like this?

    Personally i think its a great idea, though the kids may grow to resent their parents when they are teenagers - "Where do you live?" "just under a hill somewhere in Wales"
  9. Tachi

    AUKNites Tattoo's

    Hey, just a thread regarding the tattoos that you (AUKN members) have and maybe your reason for having them? Me personally, i'm looking into getting my 3rd tattoo next weekend. The Tattoo is the japanese word for family (Kazoku - 家族 ) My reason for getting the tattoo comes from various paths...
  10. Tachi

    Some interesting lampshading in Anime

    Here's some nice little lampshades in anime and manga For those who aren't too sure on what lampshading is, Here's a handy page to explain it. In my book lamp shading is in the same plot devices such as pun, quirky little bits that make people smile when they think about it with this view...
  11. Tachi


    Hi, now i know that me and Muts have played and completed the main "story" of this game, but i'm wondering if anyone else has yet to play this excellent platform puzzler with a unique twist to it. The game itself is reletively simple in concept, but the logic to complete some of the...
  12. Tachi

    Dogs die in police vehicle

    Remember to keep your dogs in well ventilated areas and give them plenty of water in the current high temperatures. I don't like hearing about these kinds of stories, i hope the officer is charged and has the same punishment that you or i would in his situation. An officer was later found...
  13. Tachi

    Finally the UK has a backbone again!

    When i heard this on the radio this morning, it brought a smile to my face "The confirmation that the European contribution to the second Greek rescue package will again be limited to eurozone countries - those that use the single currency - was made in Brussels by European Council President...
  14. Tachi

    X Men; First class

    X MEN FIRST CLASS Recently watched this and enjoyed it, the characters where well cast IMO and the storyline was great, like origins went back and showed the beginning of wolverines story and how he fits in with the X men. This one's more how the x men came about, reminded me of the 1990's...
  15. Tachi

    Could this be you?

    Its amazing this fella is still alive. I've had a few messy nights (once went out drinking whilst on antibiotics.... ended up so drunk i bought 1 round of 19 drinks for me and 2 mates) But never been in such a state as that bloke. Gotta say though, the people operating the CCTV camera's...
  16. Tachi

    Games Sales Thread

    Easy as pie, you find a game for a decent price? Post it here for your fellow AUKN Forumites to find. Its that simple This is what i have so far. No idea how long it'll last as a live link so check out sooner rather than later.
  17. Tachi

    UK's favourite Accents

    The popularity of the accent in the MSN poll suggests UK residents respond rather more favourably to the lilting dialect of Cole and other famous geordies such as fellow TV presenters Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly. Here is the full list of results: 1) Queen's English (2,141) 2)...
  18. Tachi

    Lost in Translation

    Cheryl Cole 'axed' from US X Factor "A lot of people thought her accent wouldn't work and it would appear there were problems with people not being able to understand her. Simon Cowell was keen for it to work but it would appear he has had to give in and say it isn't." Geordie shore...
  19. Tachi

    The World of tomorrow.... Today

    Thought that Biometric fingerprint scanners where just for the rich or in films? No, now there's a phone on the market that has biometric finger recognition sensors that allow you to protect your handheld tech like never before. Personally i find this amazing, before you know it we'll...
  20. Tachi


    Hello People, Need a bit of advice, So i'm entrusting you all for your opinion on what BBQ i should buy. Its just a cheap one because it's only set to last me a year or two (though will be used alot!) But i need to know what ones best by friday as i'm holding a BBQ on the weekend. So...