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    Where are the sequel's DVDs?

    In the rush to get new shows streamed or out on DVD to appease the fans that want the new shows as soon as Japan, it appears that companies have forgotten that some shows they already have have sequels, OVAs and movies. The reason for this maybe that the shows did not sell so well or the price...
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    The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Movie

    From ANN and some podcast I have listened to over the last couple of days I have heard. As few of us have read The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service I would like to find out what people think of this. I think this could be a disaster waiting to happen. TKCDS is a series with a very Eastern...
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    BT show bad Phorm

    BT threatened with legal action over secret Phorm trial. BT has admitted that it conducted secret trials on its customers, passing their browsing histories on to an advertising agency. Full story here If like me you feel strongly about...
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    Forum T-Shirt

    I have had a quick look around but can't see a previous thread so here I go. Has anyone put forward the idea of a forum T-shirt before that members can buy, or be sold at conventions for advertising the site. I myself one love one with the "Cartoons are just for kids" banner printed on the...
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    Gary Gygax Dies

    Gary Gygax, co-creator of the incredibly influential Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games, died yesterday at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin at age 69.
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    Ciber City Anime gone

    I was just doing a bit of a trawl on the internet of some of the places I have bough Anime DVDs and I was greeted by this message on Ciber City Anime. Important Notice:   We regret to inform you that City Cyber Anime will no longer be trading to the public. If you have placed orders with...
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    Anime packaging heads up

    Melonpan and I were sort of discussing this in another thread and I thought it might be worth its own topic. Have you ever been sat on a internet store and thought I wish they would tell me how this is packaged, and then either not bought it or spent ages going around the net. Often I sit...
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    Does your manga need to be Japanese?

    Today I bought volume 3 of Tokyopops The Dreaming by Queenie Chan, who was originally from Hong Kong and now lives in Australia. And it got me thinking for some people does the Manga they read have to be from Japanese writers and artists or is the story and the style more important than where it...