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    Get your Crunchyroll 48 hour guest passes here.

    DHGUQZXPRJU Premium+ Guest Pass - 48 Hours Valid Jan 1, 2016 XEBUH6QD3VL Premium+ Guest Pass - 48 Hours Valid Jul 30, 2015 ZJBZNSNCCRS Premium+ Guest Pass - 48 Hours Valid Jun 30, 2015 8ZWSZQFLF9W Premium+ Guest Pass - 48 Hours Valid May 31, 2015
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    The Gundam Thread

    Seconded. Good that Gundam is back on fans radar. After Beez/Bandai USA closed I wondered what would happen to Gundam in the West, but I am glad that there are still options for fans who cannot/will not pay JP market prices (youtube streaming, rightstuf releases). Speaking of which is anyone...
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    Another New Gothicmade Trailer

    Been looking forward to this for a while. Hope the movie is as impressive as the trailers.
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    Anime On-Line Statement on Credit/Debit Card Fraud

    Seems like a standard email they are sending out, as Chris Cox posted the same email on MVM's facebook page. Why couldn't they have posted that on their site? Though if you look at the wording they are still not admitting it was their system that was the source. My card was also hit last...
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    Space Battleship Yamato 2199 trailer streamed

    Looks amazing, classic Matsumoto characters and story, with modern visuals. Hopefully it will be CR or AoD will pick it up.
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    Niconico will be streaming Senki Zesshou Symphogear & Milky Holmes 2 from this weekend: "Episode 1 and 2 will be available on Friday, February 3rd 6:30AM (PST). Symphogear will continue to be uploaded every Friday at 6:30 AM (PST). This anime will be available for U.S, Canada, Australia...
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    Western Live-Action Golgo Movies On the Way

    Film rights for Golgo 13 acquired by Davis Films From twitch film: 'Toronto - September 10, 2011: Samuel Hadida announced today that his company, Davis Films, has acquired film rights from Leed Publishing Co. Ltd. to the iconic Japanese cult classic Golgo 13, the longest-running manga...
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    Manga sniffing out fan opinion on Patlabor...

    +1 Preferably with the mini pato shorts as extras. That I would buy, not sure about the series.
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    ICE OAV to receive UK DVD release

    Release date: 24/10/11 From the UK website: 'It is the Apocalypse. A drastic change in the environment causes every male on the face of earth to die out by 2012. Most of the remaining women perish after fighting in a world war over their territories. 20,000 survivors huddle together in the...
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    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    Sendit have both volumes of Moribito for £7.89 each: They also have their own Manga sale with items from £1.89 e.g. Sky Crawlers (though you have to add £1.99 per item for postage): ...
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    Promo Trailer for CG Anime Captain Harlock

    I have been looking forward to this since I saw the first trailer last year: Hopefully, It will be released in the UK.
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    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    Hi, do you know if international shipping is included in their dvd prices? If not some of their prices seem a bit high.
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    Big Brother at London Expo

    @Tachi re EDL what is your point exactly? I'm a little confused since you keep contradicting yourself: "but come to a place where death is common practice and most areas aren't safe... and you'll probably asses if things across here have become a problem. (where did that terrorist in sweden...
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    Free UK Available Streaming Anime & Anime on TV

    Hokago no Pleiades, the Subaru & Gainax collaboration is now subbed on their official youtube channel: Just watched it here's my tuppence: Positives Very pretty artwork/visuals Decent music For a promotional tool the 'advertising' is quite low key...
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    Viz Media is to Publish Novelisation of Ico

    Hopefully this will live up to its potential: Ico is a classic, and Miyuki Miyabe is a successful author in her own right: ... r_dp_pel_1