My name is Jestie, I'm a self-proclaimed life god (writer). I spend a lot of time burrito'd in a blanket, on my second bed (my computer chair), trying my hardest to write a novel before lockdown ends. If you frequent any writing websites, you might see me around. Like on Wattpad, for example. My pen name is USHIKUSO Hachiro, so if you find a profile with a handsome boy as an avatar, you're in the right place!

I've been watching anime since I was below knee-high on TV, but consciously started watching it in 2010. My watch/read list is still incomplete, my lazy butt is far more focused on being sociable so some of the important things (sorry Taiga, I know you're hungry for more anime to update) are being pushed off for some other day, some other time.

I'm an awkward burrito but I'd love for you to get to know me. I even have Discord.
25 April 1995 (Age: 26)
(not-so) United of Kingdom(s)


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