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    Princess Ai manga/dolls!

    I heard about the dolls from the Tokyo Pop rep at the Bristol Comic Expo. I don't really care too much about the manga. P.S. Courtney Love scares me.
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    This site really does make my day

    hehe I love it. Brightens my day. The MGS ones are great. Specially this one... Man, if only that part of the game WERE THAT EASY!
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    This site really does make my day

    Indeed. And that strip happens to be funny 'cause IT'S TRUE!!
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    This site really does make my day

    HAHA! oh man. I hate 4Kids. bleh. My fave... "Facial Rape-age" and I want the t-shirt they made.
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    This site really does make my day

    I now want a Naruto Banana
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    This site really does make my day For shits an' giggles. Especially the latest one, for the anime community... Hehehehe, Bleach. *smirk*
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    Ghost in the Shell: Innocence

    I saw the japanese version about 4 months ago. I RREEALLLYYY would love it if it got released over here soon. Has anyone played the Stand Alone Complex game yet?
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    Bleach ?

    I got the first volume of the Bleach manga this morning. I quite like it! ^_^
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    Fruits basket!

    I made a signiature pic of Shigure with that on it, and everyone just went. "WTF?!" at it. ahh if only they understood the comical genius of Shigure-san. *sigh*
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    Fruits basket!

    "High school girls! High school girls! All for me! High school girls!" ^_^
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    Miyazaki quiz on Friday

    haha, Richard and Judy. bless. BBC1 gives me hives.
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    Fruits basket!

    I LOVE Fruba. Definatly one of my fave anime/manga's ever. The first time I watched the anime all I could do was cry all the way through it! Crying at the cuteness and the sadness of some of the story's too. (I made myself ill after watching the episodes revolving Hatori and the one with Momiji...
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    manga on

    I buy well over £19, then it says I can have the super saver deliverythingy. But then again I always end up paying for first class delivery 'cause I'm too impatient and can't wait 3-5 days for delivery. I do like for buying anime and I have bought a few manga books from there...
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    Bristol Comic Con

    aww bless, thanks! Yeah it was pretty good. It's on again next year so I'm gonna go again!