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    Who cried!!! FFX/ spoilers*************

    I have to say FFVII and FFX are the only two games where i have been emotionally attached to the games story and characters, surely theres an emotional attachment to all games but with the Final Fantasy games you spend so long together with the characters watching them grow and grow and grow and...
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    Which Next-Gen console do you want?

    Well the Xbox 360 has been out now for nearly two months and has started off the new set of Next-Gen consoles with PS3 and the Nintendo Revolution to follow later this year, i was just wondering which people have or plan to follow these new set of consoles or are you quite happy with there...
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    ICO to be re-released

    I have to say i am very pleased by the fact that the game is being re-released for the public and possible a new/all grown up audience because Ico is an exceptional game! I really want to pick the game up because i never had the money first time round but luckily i do now! However i really...
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    Samurai Champloo Game

    I thoroughly enjoyed the anime to, an excellent journey, yet for a game...not a brillant concept really isit?
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    Ive read the comments here about how Dirge of Cerberus looking really good but potentially, because of game sequels/spinoff and other such likes arent always brillant, this game may not be that good...however this is my view on the subject matter. With FFX-2 i always looked at it at the...
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    GTA: Liberty City Stories

    Having been a long running fan of the PS2 GTAs and having aquired a PSP as of late i am getting the title. Whos getting the new one coming out this Friday? I pre-ordered mine a couple of weeks ago, i cant wait! On a GTA note: Vice City was probably my favourite, i mean the 80s nostalgia was...
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    Blood +

    I watched Blood 01 yesterday after watching 'Last vampire the day before and i wasnt to keen on it either, the opening scene and the opening credit song was pretty good, but well, the story wasnt to brilliant as most people have mentioned but like people say, its gna be a loooong series...
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    What video game would you like to see a sequel to?

    On the FFVII arguement square have done what they need to do with Advent Children they dont need a direct sequel now, but i would really, really like a remake of the title because, well, its one of the best stories ever told! Dirge of Cerberus will most probably be a cop-out but will see...
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    I got my limited edition Cowboy Bebop boxset through the post today! So annoying that ive got Naruto, Samurai Champloo (excellent btw) and blood: Last vampire to watch before getting into it :( So much anime, so little time.
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Im currently playing Midnight Club III for PSP i loved the second one on my PS2 so i decided to get this title for my new handheld, its good just not as crazy as its predecessor, cant wait for Liberty City Stories!
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    I finally got the full series Samurai Champloo through the door today on 3 CD-Rs in PSP format so i put 6 eps onto my PSP (within 10mins) and have watched 2 so far! Also got Blood : Last Vampire from ebay which ive been waiting for, for ages so i cant wait to watch it!
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    Ok as some of you know i have recently brought every single avaliable episode, movie and special of Naruto im just not sure where the movies and the 2003 & 2004 specials fit into it. I.e When should i watch in between which episodes? thanks!
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    Create the perfect RPG!

    1. I like both, they both have certain strengths I.e you know where you are in the world and where you are going next, or connecting worlds because it is less time consuming and usually alot less hassle to get to. 2. Random Encounters ARE a pain but all part of the RPG experience, i wouldnt...
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    I got Samurai Champloo through the post today to download onto my PSP only to find the CD had nothing on it! Damn those ebayers oh well il have to wait two days for a replacement... :roll: I also brought 11DVDs worth of Naruto yesterday night should arrive tomorrow so i can get proper stuck...
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    Most anticipated October UK release?

    If i didnt already have Last Exile and SAC these two volumes would be top of my list because them volumes (along with the last volumes) are excellent especially LE!